Conscious Leadership Development

In any business environment, an organization’s success depends increasingly on its ability to learn, change rapidly, and continually develop new strategies. In the next 10 years, organizations will become more global; face faster information flows; and face increased competition…highlighting an increasing need to create value through knowledge and innovation.

Practical Wisdom presents a structured systemic approach to organization development and change management that is based both on proven research and many years of practical experience.

Cultural Change Consulting

The Conscious Leadership Change Process helps organizations to design and implement a positive change environment, with goal of aligning the organization to a shared vision, purpose, and core values, which will guide and sustain needed change. The process (CLCP) educates and trains multiple layers of managers for the unique challenges of leading and structuring their organization in such a way as to embrace repeated change/renewal processes.


Leadership Team Development

The objective of the Leadership Team Development process is to build a motivated and high performance management team with a shared purpose and vision, goals, and standards of behaviour.

The High Performance Team is defined as: “A small number of people with complimentary skills, who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” The dynamic HP Team Development program and follow-up process trains the team and provides coaching for individual team members to enable the group to become such a team.


Executive Leadership Coaching

The One-on-One Leadership coaching process has been designed to guide executives/managers through a process of finding their own unique and authentic leadership style, to prepare them for their role as a leader in an organization undergoing change/growth and competition.


Whilst there is considerable cognitive input around leadership skills and competencies, the Conscious Leadership Process focuses first on developing an inner framework and clarity by taking a more ‘inside-out’ approach to finding an authentic and powerful leadership purpose for each individual. It is also designed to have direct application to the leadership and strategic challenges faced by the individual and the organization.

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My consulting work is often with leadership and change initiatives and facilitating successful training programs for organizations in both government and the private sector. The emphasis is on conscious leadership leading to the individual achieving peak performance and teamwork through a greater awareness of their unique capabilities.
In assisting organizations to develop change management strategies that work, I have evolved a series of programs that are tried and true.

These programs include:

  • Transformational Leadership Development

  • Culture Change Strategies and Organizational Transitions

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching and Development

  • Leadership Team Development

  • Culture assessments

  • 360 degree Leadership profiles and assessments

  • Lean for Leaders – change management

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  • National Australia Bank Group: Transformational Leadership Program and Executive Coaching

  • Australian Graduate School of Management - University of NSW Executive Programs

  • Monash University - Accounting & Finance, Leadership Development Program

  • Thinc Projects – Change management; Leadership and Team Development ; Executive coaching

  • Bayside City Council Executive Team - Leadership & Team Development; Executive coaching

  • Telstra – Cultural change; Continuous Improvement; Leadership and Team Development

  • Linfox – Lean for Leaders Program; Change Management

  • Australian Foundation Investment Company (AFIC): Executive Leadership and Team Development

  • CBA – Wealth Management & Premium Business Services: Leadership & Change management

  • The Australian Ballet: Executive Coaching; Team, personal, and organizational Development

  • Kaiser Trading Group: Leadership Coaching and Team development

  • Endeavour Foundation – Leadership and team development

  • Hong Kong Aviation Capital – Leadership development, culture change

  • National Basketball League Teams: Mindsports© (sports psychology) and Team Development