I have worked internationally as a corporate consultant, mentor and confidante to leaders in business, government, education, sport and the arts. My focus is on  organizational change and learning, corporate leadership, and individual and team development.

My experience in the field of individual and organizational development spans almost 40 years.  I am a graduate of the University of Michigan where my studies had a multidisciplinary focus in psychology, group dynamics, sociology, urban studies and educational psychology.

I have given lectures at leading institutions throughout the world, including Harvard University, Princeton University, The University of California, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Australian Academy of Science. I have made numerous guest appearances on radio and television through the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India.

I was founder and managing director of Anderson Holmes, a corporate consultancy, also co-creator and co-owner of The Country Place, one of Australia’s premier conference venues. During that time, I managed leadership and change initiatives and facilitated successful training programs for a number of organizations both in government and the private sector.  

In 1991, after deciding that managing a consultancy was taking me too far from my passion of working with people, I went solo with L. Holmes Pty. Ltd.  In 2001, I had a vision to work with a group of talented like-minded consultants to “create the next wave of leaders”.  I realized this vision and became a founding member/director of  “Just Add Water” - a coalition of professionals dedicated to that end.

Working mostly with high profile organizations in a wide range of private and public industries, I focus on assisting organizations to develop change management strategies that work, with an emphasis on leadership, peak performance and teamwork.  These days, all of my work is organized under the title of  “Practical Wisdom”. A former college basketball player, I have also developed a unique system of sports psychology and peak performance coaching, Mindsports, to assist in my work with professional sporting teams and individuals.  

I have an ability to make profound and complex issues crystal clear. I enjoy entertaining audiences with humour and anecdotal stories as a means of guiding people to grasp the relevance these stories have to their own lives.

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My consulting work is often with leadership and change initiatives and facilitating successful training programs for organizations in both government and the private sector. The emphasis is on conscious leadership leading to the individual achieving peak performance and teamwork through a greater awareness of their unique capabilities.
In assisting organizations to develop change management strategies that work, I have evolved a series of programs that are tried and true.

These programs include:

  • Transformational Leadership Development

  • Culture Change Strategies and Organizational Transitions

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching and Development

  • Leadership Team Development

  • Culture assessments

  • 360 degree Leadership profiles and assessments

  • Lean for Leaders – change management

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  • National Australia Bank Group: Transformational Leadership Program and Executive Coaching

  • Australian Graduate School of Management - University of NSW Executive Programs

  • Monash University - Accounting & Finance, Leadership Development Program

  • Thinc Projects – Change management; Leadership and Team Development ; Executive coaching

  • Bayside City Council Executive Team - Leadership & Team Development; Executive coaching

  • Telstra – Cultural change; Continuous Improvement; Leadership and Team Development

  • Linfox – Lean for Leaders Program; Change Management

  • Australian Foundation Investment Company (AFIC): Executive Leadership and Team Development

  • CBA – Wealth Management & Premium Business Services: Leadership & Change management

  • The Australian Ballet: Executive Coaching; Team, personal, and organizational Development

  • Kaiser Trading Group: Leadership Coaching and Team development

  • Endeavour Foundation – Leadership and team development

  • Hong Kong Aviation Capital – Leadership development, culture change

  • National Basketball League Teams: Mindsports© (sports psychology) and Team Development