Individual Mindsports® Coaching

Become a more accomplished athlete and person, whatever your age or playing level – by mastering the mental and physical aspects of the game. Mindsports® is a unique approach which blends the two aspects, to create a more multi-dimensional player.


Managing Emotion

Larry points out the similarities in the emotional challenges faced by athletes and people working in business.


The Mindset of Lebron

The mindset of LeBron is unique in that it includes all aspects of himself. We see it when he is in the Zone... and has that high energy physical dominance coupled with an extraordinary mental calm. It's demonstrated by his genuine community mindedness. And it's his commitment to selfless team play and leadership.


As an educational and sports psychologist, and a former collegiate basketball player in the USA, I possess both extensive experience and knowledge of what an athlete is experiencing. I have worked with a range of National Basketball League teams and individual athletes.

As a sports psychologist and consultant, I have been engaged to do Mindsports® work with individual members of the Australian Ballet. Because my Mindsports® works with mental and motivational skills, I have worked with amateur and professional basketball players, and also applied the Mindsports® techniques to those who play football, participate in athletics, and play golf.

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I have worked in the USA and Australia as a mentor and coach of individual athletes and sporting teams for over 40 years. My own career began with a basketball scholarship to Fairleigh Dickinson University. I then went on to graduate from the University of Michigan where my studies had a multidisciplinary focus in psychology, group dynamics, sociology, urban studies and educational psychology. I played and coached basketball in the army and in semi-professional basketball leagues in New Jersey, USA and in Australia.