Be The Light

Just yesterday, I was reflecting back over the journey of my life, and the challenges, successes, and missteps involved. In thinking of the practical wisdom that I have learned along the way, these words spontaneously came to me under the theme of: 'BE THE LIGHT'

Be well and live a good life. With all of your Spirit's good graces, may you find the fulfilment, peace, and love you seek, and so richly deserve. Let the beauty within your being shine forth on the outside so that all may see you as you truly are. Understand that whatever doubts you may have are the product of a confused and misdirected state of mind, which is something that, with practice, you can overcome and refocus. Always focus on the strength in your heart and inner self, and find your passion in this world…whatever that may be. Live true to yourself, in a way that allows you to be true to others as well. And, above all, know that whatever missteps you may make, or think you do....with knowledge, kindness, and strength of spirit, you can, and will, overcome them. 

Remember this… Always. You are a light to all. Be that Light.


Jonathan Morton

I started in IT in 1985! I have loved watching the world change. I love to make beautiful websites that do useful things.

I sing baritone in a opera/music theatre ensemble Pot-Pourri (since 1987).

In 2012, I graduate as a teacher of yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya.

In 2015, I started keeping bees. I'm always looking for swarms and unwanted nests to provide a good, safe treatment-free home for.