Random Practical Wisdom 1

In my efforts to navigate my way through a life that has included being a soldier in the army; a college basketball player; a teacher; an outspoken advocate of civil rights; a monk; a corporate consultant, an husband and father; the wisdom that initially gave me a way of making choices as to what was the real purpose of my life came from something renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell famously said:

This, I believe, is the great Western truth: That each of us is a completely unique creature and that, if ever we are to give any gift to the world, It will have to come out of our own experience and fulfilment of our own potentialities, not someone else’s.
— Joseph Campbell

Jonathan Morton

I started in IT in 1985! I have loved watching the world change. I love to make beautiful websites that do useful things.

I sing baritone in a opera/music theatre ensemble Pot-Pourri (since 1987).

In 2012, I graduate as a teacher of yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya.

In 2015, I started keeping bees. I'm always looking for swarms and unwanted nests to provide a good, safe treatment-free home for.